Valsa George

Valsa George Poems

281. A Montage Of An Arcadian Landscape 2/27/2013
282. Fears 9/30/2012
283. Of Love 7/13/2012
284. Simple Verse. No.7 - Morning Walk 11/4/2013
285. Sole Witness 9/9/2014
286. Limerick.56. Outsmarting 10/23/2015
287. Simple Verse- 26- Gift 10/20/2015
288. Limerick.62. Yummy Soup 10/23/2015
289. Limerick.63. A Bachelor's Dilemma 10/29/2015
290. Haiku. Streams (5-7-5) 10/26/2015
291. Limerick.60. Before The Court 10/17/2015
292. How I Long 9/23/2015
293. In Peril 9/11/2015
294. Limerick.52. Medical Bill 9/14/2015
295. Limerick.47. When Do I Write Limericks 8/26/2015
296. Limerick.42. What Is What 7/27/2015
297. Five Liner- Another Dawn 1/25/2015
298. Haiku... Time 10/4/2017
299. Limerick- My Last Resort 3/19/2018
300. Beside A Graveyard 3/23/2018
301. Down With Terrorism 1/4/2016
302. Dark Thoughts 12/6/2015
303. My Stroll To The Seaside 1/22/2016
304. Limerick.77. Mischievous Tom 1/26/2016
305. Limerick-89. Hard Earned Wisdom 11/5/2016
306. On The Ocean Strand 9/12/2014
307. Nuggets Of Wisdom.No.3. On Marriage 6/27/2013
308. Inspirational Quatrains.4. On Home 10/29/2014
309. Five Liners No.7. Black Hole 2/3/2014
310. Five Liners No.11. Right Words 5/25/2014
311. Over The Sea 6/2/2014
312. Forking Paths 4/23/2014
313. Catch If You Can 8/25/2014
314. A Sealed Letter 8/27/2014
315. Redemption 7/7/2015
316. Small...... Yet Big 8/15/2015
317. Memories 8/2/2015
318. Inspirational Quatrains.6. On Being Humane 8/27/2015
319. Perjury 9/29/2015
320. Limericks.4 And 5. On Not Eating, On Eating 8/11/2013

Comments about Valsa George

  • Valsa George Valsa George (10/6/2014 10:44:00 PM)

    Hmm..... don't know how to reciprocate to your glowing comment Ramesh Rai! ! ! I feel so happy...... thank you so much for your kind words and also for the great appreciation of my poems! I feel greatly humbled!

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  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (10/5/2014 5:30:00 PM)

    I have been thinking to write few words about this great poetess. My intellect fails to choose words in her praise. She is a poetess as well as a scholar. Her skill of writing and expressing emotions and thoughts are quite enough. Her poems are touchy, expressing much wisdom, emotions and thoughts.Kindness, benevolence, insight-fullness, eternal faith and pervasive grandeur of nature reflects in her poem. While reading her poems Sarojini Naidu comes in my mind. Though poetry can never be completed but I wish she would tend to fill the cup of poetry with her eternal faith and soul.

  • Stephen Katona Stephen Katona (8/7/2014 2:27:00 PM)

    Valsa is one of my favourite poets after reading just a few of her poems. I love the way she patiently describes the world, and the detail she notices. Each poem I have read so far has been a lovely journey, and she has helped me realize I must slow down, look more carefully at what I am writing about, and always search my imagination for beautiful ways of saying something.

  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (7/22/2014 2:21:00 PM)

    Valsa is one of my favorite poets/poetesses. She is popular all over the world. She is not a manufacturer of poems. She writes when she gets inspiration from a divine source.

  • Valsa George Valsa George (7/7/2014 5:51:00 AM)

    Hmm....... Thank you Allan.... Thank you Geetha... for your words of appreciation! Honestly the crown is too heavy for my light head...........I don't deserve it! !

  • Geetha Jayakumar Geetha Jayakumar (7/6/2014 9:42:00 AM)

    Congrats Valsa on making your way to top 500 poets! Very well deserved. Keep it up!

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:03:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Richard Beevor (5/25/2014 11:14:00 AM)

    Woody house is a beautiful poem Valsa, I wish I had such a retreat, thank you for this work

  • Richard Beevor (5/24/2014 10:10:00 AM)

    excellent poems, I wonder if you could read some of mine and give me your advice please, I would like to improve, thank you, I am http: //

  • Richard Beevor (5/6/2014 10:10:00 AM)

    such beautiful, beautiful writing, lovely story and inspiring to me

Best Poem of Valsa George


Wielding a tool, mighty and spiky
Mightier than either the sword or rod
He reigns, monarch in Fancy's domain
Sketching life in fanciful colour and mode

Which with pain and strife fraught
Or bright with gaiety and grace
In finer yarn than the gossamer thread
On the fabric of words in befitting verse

He steals away from the noisy crowd
In to the stillness of the cloistered cell
To dwell with Fancy's mystic charms
Weaving downy dreams at will

He recounts forgotten tales of yore
Of bloody battles won and lost,
Of lovers united, amour defiled, ...

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Flowers lovely, marvellous gift from God,
They deck the Earth, they give delight,
They drape the dales and adorn the hills,
They feast the eyes and fill the hearts.

My life blooms when plants are abloom,
Each morn, I gaze at flowers in myriad hues,
That adorn the garden I so carefully keep,
My prized possession next to my kids.

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