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1. I Shall Awake No More.... 3/18/2009
2. Eyes Of Passion 3/18/2009
3. Darkness 3/18/2009
4. Twisted..... 3/19/2009
5. She.... 3/19/2009
6. Who? ? ? ? ? 3/19/2009
7. A Temple Like None Other…. 3/21/2009
8. Childhood Escaped 3/21/2009
9. Beggar Child 3/22/2009
10. My Dark Lord … 3/26/2009
11. Sensations 4/6/2009
12. Old Man 4/7/2009
13. Tears.... 4/8/2009
14. Woman.... 4/11/2009
15. Dream Faker 4/13/2009
16. My Genius Is Gone…. 4/27/2009
17. Highway Of No Return 5/15/2009
18. Flutters The Butterfly.... 6/24/2009
19. He..... 6/24/2009
20. Little Flower 6/25/2009
21. Seed 3/30/2009
22. Truth 4/3/2009
23. For The Love Of Harley 4/5/2010
24. Dolly..Oh Dolly 4/12/2010
25. Blue Heroes 4/14/2010
26. In The Still Of The Night 3/19/2009
27. Blue Wonder... 6/28/2009
28. Been A While... 4/4/2010
29. Blackness 4/6/2009
30. Hurt 4/1/2009
31. Shadows...Shadows...Shadows 3/19/2009
32. Real Love… 3/26/2009

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Real Love…

No such thing as real love…only lust and possession of power…
No such thing as true love…only control and dominion over others..
How do I feel real love if all that I feel is shame, guilt and fear?
How do I get real love if all that I feel is what he feels as well?
No such thing as real love ….only a reflection of ego’s tower…
No such thing as true love….only a charade that smothers..

Where do I find real love, when all I can see is pain in his eyes..
No true love is he… for he lies through his soul…
Where do I find true love….when all I can feel are his ...

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She, the one and only she who is there..
She, the stranger who stares back at me from there
She, the woman who is here and yet not there…
Who is she that I see over there, yonder beyond the reflection that stares straight at me?

She, a fragment of my perception that she is not…
She, the image that is present for now but disappears as I peer into her…
She, the spirit of my essence, in the glass she is caught…
She, the depth of my truth, she, the self-imposed lover…

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