valya madden

Rookie (may 15 1997 / russa)

Biography of valya madden

i was boren and adopted at russa when i was 3 i left this is my 11th year in america and its me and my blood sisster and blood brother so far and alot of bullshit in my life right now i runn away alot but its nothing any more so yep i hope u like my poems

valya madden's Works:

none yet but when i grow up i will try Updates

3rd Period

siten in my class room
i cant bileve my eyes
wile i wate the 10 minute bell rings
then its time to get read to go
123 ringing like a lunch bell
but now its time to go to 4th period
all the ppl scurry to they next
class but me and my friends
we walk slowly to are class but were not late

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