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  • ''Spolia of Life
    (...) A man walked them through the end of a long hallway. They stopped in front of a large, engraved oak door. He put his hand on the knob a turned to them, asking:
    -Are you afraid of animals?
    They looked at each other in confusion wondering what he meant by this strange question. In a split of a second Marius saw himself battling a wild beast in a gladiator arena. He thought he was caught in some sort of a twisted game. Maybe the heavy door hides a dungeon and there is no way back. But he didn't want to leave, beasts or cages, he wanted to see her again. John, very logically, asked the man:
    What kind of animals?
    While effortlessly opening the door, man grined and replied:
    Every kind Sir.
    They cautiously entered. And there it was. A little winter garden, a little Eden filled with big exotic plants. Large and small parrots, surprisingly quiet, sitting on branches. A few dogs lying on randomly placed carpets. And there she was, a queen of all beasts, sitting by an awkwardly small table and reading while a serpent climbs from the floor over her long yellow dress. It was a calm scene, not at least disturbed by new vistors. The man awoke a sleeping kingdom:
    Every single living creature turned to them, as did she. With a large smile she spoke:
    You came!
    She seemed to know, they will meet again. (...) ''
    Vanesa Varga, Spolia of Life
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  • ''Spolia of Life
    Life has long ago lost its Atropos, Clotho spins only the lines of memories, and Lachesis now unwinds old painful knots of previous lives. Those tangled threads are shackles playing with me like a marionette. A whole unslept year I wanted to write down a tale of steps to long for short roads and eyes wide open that defined the Sun. Must every written line have a purpose to teach? Is that a human habit, since an early age, to seek a lesson, to learn and conclude? What is then a purpose of this pile of sentences, since they are barely a testimony of what has already been learned? I do not intend to teach but to reminisce in hope someone will find use in my words. My heroes speak of what has already been spoken, in this or another way, in this or another time.''
    Vanesa Varga, Spolia of Life Introduction
  • ''Spolia of Life
    - A few years back when I was living in the old neighborhood, early in the morning, I was walking my dog. We use to walk where the old railroad passed through the town. In the grass we noticed a red cat. It didn't flee away from us. I petted him and he followed us to my home. I thought I would give him some food so I ran into my house to get some meat. When I come out he was across the street, near a neighbor's house looking up the closed window to a bird cage. He jumped on the windowsill and startled poor little finches and canaries. I grabbed him and served him fresh meat on the other side of the street. He smelled the food and quickly went back to the birds. He was an alley cat, use to prowling and hunting birds. Served meal was of no interest to him. I told you this story because you remind me of that ginger cat. You would rather prowl your pray and risk staying hungry then take something spread at your feet. I didn't know that then. If I did I wouldn't have gave you my all. ''
    Vanesa Varga, Spolia of Life
  • ''I aimed to confess and to speak from depths. And what has happened? Instead of words gently dancing, carefully collected. I screamed as a harpia, I banged as a cyclops. This is my lesson. Words gathered in the well gush like untamed geyser. ''
    Spolia of Life. Vanesa Varga

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Love's Vendetta

I spent three years waiting for you to turn your head from the Moon you fell in love with to the Sun that I am. I would have burned you with such love and passion you have never felt. You never turned to me.

You are a cruel one. But I understand you better then anyone else. You see, we are alike in so many ways, alike by love for ourselves and our egos. And I know you searched for me with a corner of you eye because I made yours strong.

Now you stand in front of me asking for another boa

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