Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown Poems

1. Broken Hearted 11/28/2005
2. What If 12/5/2005
3. Wishing On A Star 12/10/2005
4. Soft Whispers 10/15/2005
5. One Day 11/13/2005
6. Nonchalance 11/15/2005
7. Saved 11/22/2005
8. Happiness 2/2/2006
9. Winter To Spring 2/12/2006
10. Iceskating 2/13/2006
11. There's A Wonder 3/28/2006
12. Reaching 4/20/2006
13. Selfish 5/6/2006
14. Ode To Liz 5/28/2006
15. The Party 11/6/2005
16. The Leaves 10/2/2010
17. Somebody Else 8/21/2006
18. Sweet Friendship 11/3/2005
19. Longing 8/20/2006
20. The Red Silken Dress 9/15/2005
21. Fantasy 11/7/2005
22. A Little Gospel 11/13/2005
23. Footprints 10/13/2005
24. For An Angel 10/29/2005
25. Unanswered Questions 10/31/2005
26. Every Day 9/14/2005
27. Beautiful World 10/30/2005

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Best Poem of Vanessa Brown

Beautiful World

Young lovers entwined on the grass
On a beautiful hot summer's day;
Weary new parents breaking into a smile
As they watch their kids giggle and play.

The excited shriek of a bubbling child
As Christmas Day dawns clear;
Old grannies bumbling and grumbling
About all those 'prices so dear! '

The peaceful look on a wrinkled man's face
As he reminisces on times gone past;
The perfect layer of untrodden snow
And the prisms of light that it casts.

The purpley orange setting sun -
Sure to rise pure and bright in the morn;
The cloudless night ...

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What If

What if you don't love me?
What happens if you do?
What if you decide to phone me,
Or what if i phone you?

What happens if i hug you tight,
Will you shy away from me?
But what if it goes further
Down the path of ecstasy?

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