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Vanessa Grixti Poems

1. The Axis Life And Love Rest On 8/29/2012
2. That Which We Are Ruled By 9/1/2012
3. Love Is A One-Winged Bird 9/1/2012
4. Crippled Ambition 9/2/2012
5. Primary And Secondary 9/2/2012
6. The Two 9/2/2012
7. Simply Put 9/2/2012
8. Beloved Secrecy 9/2/2012
9. The Mark On My Heart 10/23/2012
10. Unravel Each Other 10/25/2012
11. Openness 11/2/2012
12. The Struggle Of Creativity 11/2/2012
13. Beneath The Seasons 11/3/2012
14. Live For, Die For 11/10/2012
15. The Tug Of All Things 11/12/2012
16. This Is Being Nineteen 11/23/2012
17. Disillusioned And Damned 11/26/2012
18. A Bullet, A Bomb, A Boy 12/2/2012
19. Our Discretion 12/11/2012
20. You Are What You Feel 7/31/2013
21. Flies And Humans 9/2/2012
22. Sixteen Ways To Never Fall In Love 11/22/2012
23. An Ailment Called Myself 11/2/2012
24. An Envelope Of Petals 9/13/2012
25. A Half True Poem 9/2/2012
26. A Night With Negligence 9/1/2012

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A Night With Negligence

I could talk about the music
but what a cliché that would be
it's the people
with their facades and their complacency
I wish to understand them
to know who they are
they believe their recklessness is beautiful
and sometimes it is
but I know their fascinations
remain on shallow levels
They strive for those few fleeting minutes
of closeness with a stranger
while beads of sweat trickle down their sad skin
Loneliness thrives on nights like these
and they dance with it
They wait until it loves them
But it never does
and from that they ...

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Simply Put

Jokes get old.
But stay funny.
Love stories don't get old
and they don't always
stay sad.

We could have been
a funny
perpetually happy
love story.
But I got old
to you.

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