Vanessa Kingsley

Rookie (March 16th / Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Biography of Vanessa Kingsley

Born on March 16th in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I love antyhing dealing with the arts. Writing, acting, doesn't matter. It's creative and a way to express yourself. I am a very compliacted person but once you admit to yourself that I'm just me it'll all click. I am an all around girl. Meaning I can survive in the city, country, suburbs, wherever. I am a very understanding person that can see all perspectives of life because of what has happened in my life. Currently, i have a few people looking at my writing for publishment so if that does happen everything here will be deleted. If you wish to know more about me please message me. ^_^ thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy something I've written Updates


The wind blows hard as the sky grows dark. The moon shines full; a lazy halo surronds it becuas eif the swirling mist.
Lights are out, streets are quiet. I am alone.
The world is silent. The darkness moves. Nothing at all is here.
The raven crows and dark clouds pass over the moon.
The body lays motionless and leaks blood.
It is crimson against the black concrete and swirls in a puddle.
The wind blows harder, your heart grows colder.
The concrete seems to fill you.

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