Vani Agarwal

Vani Agarwal Poems

1. Never Will 3/24/2015
2. Who Is The Animal? 3/30/2015
3. Two Pieces Of Broken Glass 4/25/2017
4. Cracks In Belief 4/25/2017
5. Crack In Belief 4/25/2017
6. Three Words Have Many Meanings 4/25/2017
7. Its Hard 4/25/2017
8. An Eye For An Eye 4/26/2017
9. The Mother 4/26/2017
10. What Hurts? 4/26/2017
11. Perfect 4/26/2017
12. Dear Happiness 4/26/2017
13. The Beast 4/26/2017
14. The Devil That Doesn't Wear Prada 4/26/2017
15. I-Scream 4/27/2017
16. Tangled 4/28/2017
17. Because It Isn'T A Fairytale 3/26/2015
18. Filing In The Blank 3/25/2015
19. Daffodil 3/22/2015
20. Change 3/24/2015
21. The Beggar 3/27/2015
22. I Know... You Have Sad Heart 3/29/2015
23. An Angel 4/25/2017
24. Happy Birthday Dear Papa! , 4/3/2015
25. Aissa Kyu Hota Hai? 5/3/2015
26. The Bird Who Dared To Fly 6/12/2015
27. The Conflict With Out, The Conflict With In 4/25/2017
28. Money Making Machine 3/31/2015
29. Where Is My Home? 3/22/2015
Best Poem of Vani Agarwal

Where Is My Home?

I am lost can you please help me?
I am locked in a cage someone set me free!
But even if you free me where will I go?
I will have to hide under your cemented shadow.
But if I collect myself again, will you lay on me some light?
Then maybe I can lift my head and ask for my right.
Where is my home, I would ask,
Maybe you'd tell me when you get rid of that mask.
I know you wouldn't tell me, you just can't,
For my shouting out to you, for you is a chirpy chant.
I am tired of living in this nightmare,
I want back my home, I want my share.
I want back my ...

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Filing In The Blank

I always wanted someone bugging me while I read,
I always wanted someone who would push me off my bed.

I always wanted someone whose way I would lead,
I always wanted to be the one to help her in need.

I always wanted someone who I would call my own,
I wanted a sibling, I didn't like being alone.

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