Vasanthi Papu

Biography of Vasanthi Papu

Ms Vasanthi Papu, who hails from India is a poetess, writer and a teacher. She who holds the degrees M.A, M.Ed, M.Phil in English literature has been the resource person for various seminars organised by the Tamilnadu Educational Board, India. She stepped into the educational field in 1992 and since then has been rendering her service to the society as a devoted teacher. Updates

Sleep! Just A Dream

The night is chill, deep and dark,
All rapt and serene though not me.
A little pigeon cuddling in the bark,
Beside its mother proves its glee.

Waking and tinkling at the night's alarm,
In through the pane, peeps the moon's ray.
Star light and stillness give a hypnotic charm,
In mental fog, here do I lay.

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