Vassilis Comporozos

Biography of Vassilis Comporozos

Hi, my name is Vassilis Comporozos. I' m from Greece. An EFL teacher and translator, I also love reading and writing (mostly poetry) . I have published 3 poetry collections in Greek so far and taken part in three poetry anthologies as well. I have won some poetry prizes. I have had poems published in some Greek literary magazines and, also, in some Greek and English websites ( and . I can speak Italian as well and love Latin too. I have also written and put on stage with my students, some verse (humorous, I hope!) fairy tales. I adore English which I find the ideal vehicle for my new passion, haikus and tankas.

Vassilis Comporozos's Works:

3 books so far Updates


Gospel on my desk.
Birds chirping their happiness.
Dawn knocks on my door.

Note: Basically I write in Greek!
Recently - due to a small award I was granted at a poetry contest -
I 've taken on writing haikus, (I'm nuts about them!)
and I feel the English language is perfect for this form!
Also, I adore English!

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