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Vassilis Comporozos Poems

1. The Silence Of That Feeling 12/4/2011
2. Snowy Haikus Ii 11/27/2011
3. New Born Poem 1/14/2012
4. To The Homeless (Haikus) 1/20/2012
5. Thick Mud (Tanka) 2/2/2012
6. The Soul (Tanka) 2/26/2012
7. When A Dream Remains A Dream 6/6/2012
8. The Accordionist (Haikus) 6/16/2012
9. Temporary Loss Of Poetry 8/8/2012
10. Mokista Springs, Aitoloakarnania - Greece (Haikus) 10/21/2012
11. Lilies On The Sand (Haiku) 5/6/2014
12. That Woman's Cry (Tanka) 5/12/2014
13. Into The Light (Haiku) 6/9/2014
14. Derelict House (Haikus) 1/14/2012
15. No Sky, No Clouds (Haiku) 6/9/2014
16. Snowy 11/20/2011
17. Dawn 11/27/2011
18. Happy Solitude (Haiku) 2/26/2012
19. Like A Bolt Out Of The Blue 12/11/2011
20. By The Fireplace 12/20/2011
21. A Star Has Fallen 9/8/2013
22. Half-Closed (Haiku) 4/19/2012
23. A Heart Ajar 1/5/2012
24. After Rain (Haikus) 1/20/2012
25. Lizard Running (Haiku) 4/19/2012
26. I Want To Be Your Love 3/28/2012

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Best Poem of Vassilis Comporozos

I Want To Be Your Love

I want to be your love
I want to be your kiss
when tender dawn pours
its loving caress
upon your azure eyes.
I want to be the kiss
that eats the honey
of your lips.
I want to be a breeze
that wafts you
to your dreams.
I want to be your smile
when tears swell up
in your eyes, ready
to wet your face, the face
I used to dream of.
I want to be your tears
when your happiness
has no other way
to let it free.
I want to be a vase
to treasure your smell
that kisses its way
into my veins.

I love you,
what more to say?

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A rare thing to see
in that place. An oddity.
Bright, clear, like new life.

Snowing all morning.
Flames dancing in the fireplace,
flames, like flakes, like dreams.

summer gone bankrupt,

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