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vasu kumar is a student from the city beautiful chandigarh, india. vasu has been composing poems for the past five years. many of the efforts have been published in a regional daily. the poet is a decorated public speaker.

Vasu Kumar Poems

A Brother Recalls

My sis has gone;
Gone to her home, her paradise.
My sis has left,
Left my home, her paradise.

The Barren Triumph

Ever seen the sun rising
Behind the tallest building in the town?
Ever heard the charming bird
Or the wind howl?


When the white Kutch grows red
And the Gulf gives place to red waters;
When the red-eyed vultures hover in the skies
Over the rotten red and the dead:

God Is In Heaven

The world is flying into stars, fast,
very fast,
But we love our land,
And dig deep into it,

Me Against Myself

The scientist's third law doesn't come out of books:
My actions seldom command an equal reaction;
Monkeys have evolved into crooks,
Much to satan's satisfaction.

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