Veda Vyasa

(1500 BC? / Kalpi, Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh / India)

Veda Vyasa Poems

41. Mahabharata, Book Viii - Pandavs Routed By Bhishma Iii 9/26/2012
42. Mahabharata, Book Xi - Funeral Rite 9/26/2012
43. Mahabharata, Book Xii - Sacrifice Of Animals 9/26/2012
44. Mahabharata, Book Xii - Sacrifice Of The Horse 9/26/2012
45. Mahabharata, Book Viii - Bhishma And Arjun Meet 9/26/2012
46. Mahabharata, Book Iv - Pritha's Lament 9/26/2012
47. Mahabharata, Book Xii - Gifts 9/26/2012
48. Mahabharata, Book Iv - Dhrita-Rastra's Kindness 9/26/2012
49. Mahabharata, Book Iv - The Banishment 9/26/2012
50. Mahabharata, Book Xi - Gandhari's Lament For Duryodhyan 9/26/2012
51. Mahabharata, Book Vi - The Wedding 9/26/2012
52. Mahabharata, Book Ix - Standards Of The Kurus: Arjun's Revenge 9/26/2012
53. Mahabharata, Book X - Karna And Arjun Meet 9/26/2012
54. Mahabharata, Book Vii - Krishna's Speech 9/26/2012
55. Mahabharata, Book Iv - Draupadi In The Council Hall 9/26/2012
56. Mahabharata, Book V - The Tale Of Savitri 9/26/2012
57. Mahabharata, Book Ix - Abuimanyu's Death 9/26/2012
58. Mahabharata, Book Iii - Sisupala's Fall 9/25/2012
59. Mahabharata, Book I - The Gathering 9/25/2012
60. Mahabharata, Book I - The Rival Warriors 9/25/2012
61. Mahabharata, Book I - The Chariot-Driver 9/25/2012
62. Mahabharata, Book Ii - Journey To Panchala 9/25/2012
63. Mahabharata, Book Ii - The Wedding Assembly 9/25/2012
64. Mahabharata, Book Ii - The Suitors 9/25/2012
65. Mahabharata, Book Ii - Krishna To The Rescue 9/25/2012
66. Mahabharata, Book I - The Princes 9/25/2012
67. Mahabharata, Book Iii - Yudhishthir Emperor 9/25/2012
68. Mahabharata, Book Ii - The Disguised Arjun 9/25/2012
69. Mahabharata, Book Ii - The Tumult 9/25/2012
70. Mahabharata, Book Iii - The Arghya 9/25/2012
71. Mahabharata, Book Iii - Sisupala's Pride 9/25/2012
72. Mahabharata, Book I - Bhima And Duryodhan 9/25/2012
73. Mahabharata, Book Iii - Glimpses Of The Truth 9/25/2012
74. Mahabharata, Book Iii - The Asemblage Of Kings 9/25/2012
75. Mahabharata, Book Iii - Feast And Sacrifice 9/25/2012
76. Mahabharata, Book Ii - Trial Of Skill 9/25/2012
77. Mahabharata, Book Ii - The Bride 9/25/2012
78. Mahabharata, Book I - Close Of The Day 9/25/2012
79. Mahabharata, Book I - The Anointment Of Karna 9/25/2012
80. Mahabharata, Book I - The Advent Of Arjun 9/25/2012

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    It is a rare effort of the kind times have ever seen. Sage Veda Vyasa is hereby going to be popular all across the globe. The role of religion and the omnipresence of the kind of God every religion speaks of still remain debatable in effect.It is a fact applicable to the concept of God all across the globe.
    The great epic here will surely be a ready source for reference of many people who want to know about the religious scriptures written in India from the vedic times. Veda vyasa`s insight into human life and his interpretation of life in all its diversity, his strategic assessment of human deeds as the acts of errors of omission and commission speak high of his wisdom. I wish all the best to the person.persons involved in this massive exercise of uploading the works of Vyasa.

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Best Poem of Veda Vyasa

Mahabharata, Book I - The Advent Of Karna

Now the feats of arm are ended, and the closing hour draws nigh,
Music's voice is hushed in silence, and dispersing crowds pass by,

Hark! Like welkin-shaking thunder wakes a deep and deadly sound,
Clank and din of warlike weapons burst upon the tented ground!

Are the solid mountains splitting, is it bursting of the earth.
Is it tempest's pealing accent whence the lightning takes its birth?

Thoughts like these alarm the people for the sound is dread and high,
To the gaze of the arena turns the crowd with anxious eye!

Gathered round preceptor Drona, ...

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Mahabharata - Conclusion

'This is She the fair Immortal! Her no human mother bore,
Sprung from altar as Draupadi human shape for thee she wore,

By the Wielder of the Trident she was waked to form and life,
Bom in royal Drupad's mansion, righteous man, to be thy wife,

These are bright aérial beings, went for thee to lower earth,
Borne by Drupad's stainless daughter as thy children took their birth!

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