Vedanth Bhatnagar

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Vedanth Bhatnagar Poems

1. The Night 1/3/2013
2. Wanderers In Time 1/21/2013
3. Of His Creation 1/24/2013
4. Miseries 2/9/2013
5. A Blessed Child, To The Worsened Realm 2/9/2013
6. Answer 2/10/2013
7. A Mirror Of The Past 2/15/2013
8. An Experience Of His Grace 2/15/2013
9. To A Child 7/16/2013
10. Wake Me Not 8/11/2013
11. On The Death Of A Librarian 8/11/2013
12. The Independence 8/11/2014
13. The Search For Joy 8/12/2014
14. A Question To The Child 8/16/2014
15. As Winter Falls 12/9/2014
16. On Letters And Words 1/26/2015
17. The Republic 1/29/2015
18. To Do 5/15/2015
19. Ignorantiam 7/13/2015
20. Nothingness 2/4/2016
21. Rise And Fall 2/6/2016
22. Of Virtues And Their Antitheses 6/5/2016
23. On The Hegemony Of The Mind 6/14/2016
24. The Prophet Ii 2/26/2013
25. I Hence Regret 4/12/2013
26. Of Sorrow, Of Loneliness 7/5/2013
27. A Wait, A Dream I 7/13/2013
28. A Wait, A Dream Ii 7/15/2013
29. An Animal's Story 1/25/2013
30. A Death Without Mourns 2/16/2013
31. The Prophet I 2/19/2013
Best Poem of Vedanth Bhatnagar

A Death Without Mourns

Thy son hast not comforted,
He lived a life alone,
Now, leaves, as his breath,
To none, shalt it be known,
None shalt be there to mourn.
Thy son, as shalt be gone,
For him shalt be no song of dawn,
None, hath he, to adorn,
None shalt be there to mourn.
As approaches his night,
He shalt be gone, with Thy Light,
That shalt bring Thee, to sight,
To calm his plight,
To none, which shalt be known,
None, shalt be there to mourn.
But, Thy son shalt not regret,
For what he would now beget,
As into death, he seeps,
There shalt be ...

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The Night

As the Sun set in the west,
taking away with it, its horizontal crest,
what remained, was the cold, dark night,
even though, not without light, filled in me fear and fright.

The darkness of the night made me sorrow for my plight,
though the stars, wakening far away, promised me of a new light,
Still, my emotions dimmed, my face grew pale,
hoping that soon, my sorrows would curtail.

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