Vedanth Bhatnagar

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Vedanth Bhatnagar Quotes

  • ''Truth is an abstract manifestation of Time.''
    On Time and Truth
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  • ''Intelligence is merely an ability to associate things.''
    On Intelligence
  • ''Strategy is the ability to govern the morale of men.''
    On Strategy
  • ''It is about growth, not about sustenance.''
    On the Course Life takes.
  • ''Unfortunately, God is believed to be an arrogant, egoistic Giver, though in reality, He is a humble, loving Source.''
    On God.
  • ''All virtues and ill-virtues are born of Love, whether it be due to its excess or due to its deficiency.''
    On Love and Virtues

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Best Poem of Vedanth Bhatnagar

The Melting Seeker

Seeking solace in nonexistence,
A body falling asleep,
A freedom without reluctance,
In hollowness I weep;

Stars misaligned that move within,
The Cosmos of nondual Tao,
In misguided paths that end in sin,
Lies the seeker's forgotten vow;

The Buddha of my dreams melts into,
A desired state of desirelessness,
Which with uncaused causes delves into,
The lost state of formlessness;

The one who shall remembering be forgot,
When the spirit unites with the Weaver,
When moist eyes witness the Sought,
In Truth dissolves the unmoved...

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The Night

As the Sun set in the west,
taking away with it, its horizontal crest,
what remained, was the cold, dark night,
even though, not without light, filled in me fear and fright.

The darkness of the night made me sorrow for my plight,
though the stars, wakening far away, promised me of a new light,
Still, my emotions dimmed, my face grew pale,
hoping that soon, my sorrows would curtail.

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