Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Poems

1241. Univesally Filled To Get Dirtied! 12/31/2012
1242. The Visitors! 12/14/2012
1243. How To Cook A Poem? 2/8/2013
1244. One Fine Morning! 2/6/2013
1245. The Change Is Inevitable! 1/23/2013
1246. You Are My Neighbor! 1/31/2013
1247. The Touch In Need.. 2/17/2013
1248. You Have Made It Possible.. 2/18/2013
1249. Keep A Rosary To Avoid Pregnancy! 2/19/2013
1250. The Origin Of Poems! 2/26/2013
1251. Don'T Be A Tree! 7/30/2012
1252. Be An Example! 7/10/2012
1253. Actions And Karma 7/24/2012
1254. Wild People's Wild Ride! 7/25/2012
1255. Take The Stone And Throw! Are You Ready? 8/1/2012
1256. The Words 8/14/2012
1257. This Lady Is Too Senstitive 8/13/2012
1258. Please, Don'T 'Laugh '! Smile! 8/16/2012
1259. It Is So Dear! 8/25/2012
1260. Charity Begins From The Heart! 8/29/2012
1261. A Thief In Us. 6/15/2012
1262. We Can Do It! ! 6/15/2012
1263. The Poor Know Manythings What The Rich May Not Know.. 6/26/2012
1264. How To Be Prosperous 7/1/2012
1265. Declaration! 7/6/2012
1266. The Cloned Freedom Fighter From India.. 7/4/2012
1267. Poets, You Are All Stars! 7/5/2012
1268. When Is The Dawn? 5/26/2012
1269. Is It Possible? 6/8/2012
1270. Let Me Have My Own Cross! ! ! 6/9/2012
1271. Be Focused To Plan, Not To Dream! 5/20/2012
1272. Hug Me, Please... 5/22/2012
1273. The Making Of... 5/20/2012
1274. Don't Kiss! 1/31/2012
1275. A Fresh Graduate With A Scholar Tag 12/23/2011
1276. Going Out For A Picnic 12/20/2011
1277. When I Fail To See 12/20/2011
1278. At Marina Beach, Chennai.. 2/14/2012
1279. Numbers.. 2/18/2012
1280. Our Unique Way Of Living. 2/12/2012
Best Poem of Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

The Books

These people seem to be like the books,
scattered all around in different cues,
Shelves of books with variant topics:
Medicine, Engineering and comics,
Languages, Management and Marketing,
Tourism, Text books and Computing,
House hold, Carpentry and plumbing,
Trucks, Driving and operating.
Must choose one to taste,
Read regularly to last,
A full term of life and love,
Nourish it with the dose of care,
Can buy it from the stores,
That sells New, second hand and old,
When the new book is bought,
The smell itself fresh and great,

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The Strength

Tears may wash away the dirt from the eyes
and the hurt from the heart.
Fear will wipe away the courage from the heart,
and fill the eyes with tears.
Fear is worse than tears, as it hurts the heart,
Tear is better than fear, as it heals the wound,
Give up the fear and the tear,
when our heart is stronger than ever.

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