Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Poems

1361. You May Live Long In People's Hearts.. 9/22/2013
1362. The Toady World 8/20/2013
1363. Weeping May Make You Weak 7/18/2013
1364. Who Says Old Is Gold In The Geriatric Ward.. 7/1/2013
1365. A Few Rotten Apples.. 6/21/2013
1366. Poor Judgment Among Middle Class.. 6/7/2013
1367. Liberal Democracy... 4/30/2013
1368. Don'T Be Sick! Get Well Soon 5/31/2013
1369. Our Body Can Change Our Attitude 4/25/2013
1370. Invisible Future.. 4/21/2013
1371. The Emerging Happiness.. 4/12/2013
1372. Butterflies... 4/8/2013
1373. Let Us Walk Together! 3/18/2013
1374. The Jitters 3/26/2013
1375. Let Them Go... 4/4/2013
1376. I Want To Pass The Exams.. 4/4/2013
1377. One Day Not Enough! 3/7/2013
1378. Justification! 2/12/2013
1379. Plan Before You Do It! 2/26/2013
1380. Possibilities! 2/8/2013
1381. We Can Do It... 1/30/2013
1382. Spring Cleaning.. 1/8/2013
1383. A Child From The Rain Forest! 12/31/2012
1384. My Father's Bench! 11/4/2012
1385. The Mind Vs The Heart, 11/1/2012
1386. We Need To Change! 10/28/2012
1387. We Are Not Actors! 10/15/2012
1388. He Or S He! 10/31/2012
1389. A Bag Of Air! 10/11/2012
1390. Like Father Like Son! 10/10/2012
1391. The Lessons Not Taught At School Is, Asking Questions... 9/8/2012
1392. Values And Society 9/5/2012
1393. Lovely Rain! 8/12/2012
1394. The Whip! 6/3/2012
1395. Polluted Rivers Around The World! 8/12/2012
1396. Don'T Trust The Hypocritic Dog! 8/31/2012
1397. Night Workers.. 7/6/2012
1398. Peace Be With Us 8/1/2012
1399. Why Do I Mistrust People? 8/9/2012
1400. Show What You Have! 7/27/2012
Best Poem of Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

The Books

These people seem to be like the books,
scattered all around in different cues,
Shelves of books with variant topics:
Medicine, Engineering and comics,
Languages, Management and Marketing,
Tourism, Text books and Computing,
House hold, Carpentry and plumbing,
Trucks, Driving and operating.
Must choose one to taste,
Read regularly to last,
A full term of life and love,
Nourish it with the dose of care,
Can buy it from the stores,
That sells New, second hand and old,
When the new book is bought,
The smell itself fresh and great,

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We Will Be Left Alone

We are left alone as babies in the cradle,
We are left alone as riders on the saddle,
We are left alone as debtors to the dismay,
We are left alone as candidates to convey.

The parents leave us alone when we are young,
Then we leave them alone when they are old,
When sorrow keeps us alone, it is too sad,
When the lifeless form is left alone, it is not bad.

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