Velene Campbell

Biography of Velene Campbell

Editor of Abalone Moon, a Journal of Poetry and the Arts. First volunteer coordinator for Heal The Bay in Santa Monica. A member of the five-woman artists' collective Mother Art (with a grant from the California Arts Council, we went into laundromats, strung up laundry line over the machines, hung up our artwork/poems, and did our laundry) . With good friend Steve Goldman, who first began poetry readings at the Venice Pavillion, the first multi-cultural reading series in Los Angeles was started when we moved the Pavilion series to SPARC at the Old Venice Jail. These readings later became known as the Old Venice Jail Reading Series. Updates

The Rock

The rock was very old. It had lived in the river for many years, and its belly had become as smooth as that of the water that held it. It had traveled down the river, and had seen many things, had learned much. Each year it would go a certain length, and when winter came, it would become covered with darkness, and then would sleep. The ice would co

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