Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

Rookie (11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

Biography of Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson poet

Born in the small rural town of, Ripley, Tennessee, on November 21,1961. Pewee only weighed 3 lb.3 oz. She was so tiny that her mother had to use men's handkerchiefs for diapers on her. She was the youngest of three children, born to, Peggy Ann Hale, and Raymond Hale. At 5 months of age her parents moved the family to, Chicago, IL. where, Pewee, would live most of her life until she was 20 yrs. Old and she, and her mother made their final, and permanent move to Tennessee. She did live in Memphis, Tennessee for a brief time during the 70's.
Her mother was Cherokee, Apache, and Creek Indian, as well as French, Irish, Jewish, German, and Portuguese. Her father whose people hail from England, and are of noble lineage was of course of English decent. She wrote a gossip column for, 'The Crockett Times', in the mid 80's, her pay was a free newspaper each week. She was also a weather watcher for channel 13 TV of Memphis, Tennessee, and channel 7 of Jackson, Tennessee. The meteorologists for those channels were, Jim Jaggers, and Gary Pickens. She wed on 11-26-86 to Mr. Ricky Sherman Johnson, of Maury City, Tennessee. On April 27,1991 She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Skylar Ricky Harris Johnson. She got her first poem published in an anthology in 1997, and has had numerous poems published since. She has also won several awards, and has somewhat of a fan follow. She loves all animals, and has many. Her favorite animal is an iguana. She loves to read mysteries, and horror books. She began writing back in 1970. When writing a poem she is known to first make a draft, and then treat the poem like a puzzle, she slowly tear it down, and then proceeds to build it into a picture which she hopes will then be seen as art to those who read it. A lot of people think they can't write poetry. What then is poetry, but words to say what is in one's heart. Pewee, is also a compition photograph, and has had one of her favorite picture entitled - 'Sleep My Precious Sky' published in the anthology 'A New Begining' which came out, April 2005.
'The National Library Of Poetry' publishing company

Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson's Works:

'The National Library Of Poetry' publishing company
(April 1996)
'Shadows And Light'
(poem entitled)
'For Some It Comes Too Late'
'Best Poems of 1997' (poem entitled) - 'Through The Eyes Of The Autistic Child'
'International Library Of Poetry' publishing company
'A Celebration Of Poets' (Year 1998)
(poem entitled)
'Sacrifice Lake'
(Book entitled)
'The Best Poem & Poets Of 2002'
(poem entitled)
'Fly Away With Me My Love'
'Best Poems And Poets of 2003'
(In two separate books)
(poems entitled)
'Pastor Bill' (was also recorded on CD) - 'Sound Of Poetry'.
'Fly Away With Me My Love'
Best Poems And Poets of 2004 (Poem entitled) - 'Prince Of Time And Space'
Also recorded on the CD- 'Sound Of Poetry'.
'The International Who's Who in Poetry'
(April 2005)
(poems entitled)
'Horror Writer Stephen King Ye Are My Inspiration'
Noble House Publishers - Poetry Division of London-Paris-New York
'Theatre Of The Mind' (December 10,2003)
poem entitled) 'Dreams Of Lovers; Ode To American Actor Barry Van Dyke'

'Famous Poets Society' publishing company
(year December 11,2000)
'America At The Millennium'
(poem entitled)
'Immortal Sin Thy Name Is Love'
(year 2002)
'2001 A Poetic Odyssey'
(poem entitled)
'Deadly Affection'
(year 2003)
'Today's Famous Poems On The Wings Of Pegasus'
(poems entitled)
'One Last Time'
'Jeff Bridges - America's Actor Extraordiniar'

'On The Wings Of Poetry' (year 2004)
(poems entitled)
'Mother Earth - Father Sky'
'Nathaniel Parker - Haunted Heart'
'Our 100 Most Famous Poets' 2004
(poems entitled)
'My Friend Joyce Lest God's Chosen One'
'Ode To Nicola Hulme'
'The Perfect Family Ode To My Friend Michele'
'Jimmuh The Road Kill Eating Hunk'
I now have a book of my own poems coming out. Updates

Brighter Than The Sun

Your smile, your eyes,
are brighter than the summer sun, .
you're the only one for me.
If we could be together,
just you and I forever,
alone and free.
How happy my love we could be.
Beneath God's golden moon,
you and I could spoon.

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