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VELVET. soft and smooth. Others find undescribable.

ASTRAEA. The 'Starry Maiden'. During the Golden Age, the gods dwelled among mankind. As the wickedness of mortals increased, she was the last to leave, returned to heaven and was transformed into the constellation Virgo. She is represented as holding a pair of scales in one hand and a sword in the other.

DIDO. Queen of Carthage, who fled from Tyre, established her own colony. She assisted Aeneas after he had been ship-wreched and fell inlove with him. When he left her to sail on to Italy, she killed herself.

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Eros And Psyche

i await
thru the dying night
your eternal shadow
that looms within no light

settling to the ivory
of your tampered embrace
i live with the satisfaction
of not seeing

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