Veno Taufer

(1933 / Ljubljana)

Biography of Veno Taufer

Veno Taufer poet

Veno Taufer, born in 1933 in Ljubljana, is a poet, playwright, essayist, translator with M. A. in comparative literature from the University of Ljubljana. Editor of the literary magazine Review 57 (Revija 57) until it was banned in 1959, Taufer was also a manager of the experimental theatre group Oder 57. For many years he worked as a journalist (BBC-London, Ljubljana) before founding and directing the International Literary Festival Vilenica in the early 80’s which was then in the communist governed Slovenia understood as an important part of the engagement for the democratization as well as in the case of Taufer’s Committee for Freedom of Speech and Writing, the first “unofficial” public body of Civil society, he in 1985 initiated in Slovene Writers’ Association. Updates

Open-Air Concert

she with tin legs
hourglass in mouth aquarium in her head
he with all the towns' staircases on his back
under his arm a heart that can be wound up or stopped

they open a book and look for a road
to water sky and blossoming grove
where there is no sweating paper no fumbling eyes
where like in a B picture pretty birds twitter

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