Venus Khoury-Ghata

(1937 / Bsharri / Lebanon)

Biography of Venus Khoury-Ghata

énus Khoury-Ghata (born 1937, in Bsharri) is a French-Lebanese writer. In 1959, she was Miss Beirut. She married French researcher Jean Ghata. She collaborated on Europe magazine, directed by Louis Aragon, translating it into Arabic with other poets.She has lived in Paris since 1972 and has published several novels and collections of poems. Updates

For Noha Al Hegelan

At that time the earth was so high up
women hung out clouds and laundry on the same line
angels gripped their skirts to keep them from following stray souls

Everything that frequented water had a soul
clay jug, gourd, basin
buckets fished out the ones stagnating in the wells' indifference

Every moving shadow sketched a phantom

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