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Biography of Veronika Bitkina

Veronika Bitkina poet

* Wolf eyes girl writes about many things, imaginary and real: books she read, movies she watched, her life, dreams she caught etc: all that gives her high level of emotions, not caring about its polarity.

* Wolf eyes girl - is a nickname given by a friend.

* Wolf eyes girl apologizes for all mistakes of any kind she made in her poems.
She is not native English speaker, so even though she is constantly improving her level of English, it doesn't help with the intuitive mistake correction.

* Wolf eyes girl would appreciate any constructive criticism.

* Wolf eyes girl wishes you a pleasant reading.

Veronika Bitkina's Works:

One day, maybe. Updates

The Wall.

The numbness of the soul
is pressing on the chest..
and what if something's wrong?
then what? ..
I want to just forget.
You're cruel.. hate you deeply..
how could you.. it's not fair! .
won't speak with you at all..
that's it.. if ignorance your goal,

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