Vi Castillo ( Ultravi Nouveau )

Biography of Vi Castillo ( Ultravi Nouveau )

Vi Castillo ( Ultravi Nouveau ) poet

The moment Vi becomes your friend, expect for the unexpected..long before hand, it is by choice that being Vi's friend, you'll get along with her, the way she appreciates people, succumbs to the eternal pleasures in the past, presently, and in the future...Regrets never came to Vi's mind..once Vi commits to is forever be..No matter what..Vi will always be Vi.

That's why....

n my 43 years of existence, I am not yet done, many has to be accomplished.
Somehow, satisfied with the outcome of my well being, achievements & recognitions.
I have to accept, I failed in some aspects, and that is the REALITY..
Life must go on...
I know there's still HAPPINESS & CONTENTMENT reserved for me at the end..
Changes were made..MORE CHANCES for me..

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