Vi Lanflagle

Rookie (9/28/92 / Phoenix, AZ)

Biography of Vi Lanflagle

Age: 16

Pen name: Vi Lanflagle

recently i have had a slight writers block. i've written very little to nothing in the past almost 6 months. this is due to a very sudden move and a lack of inspiration. i'm hoping that its slowly unblocking, but i can't say for sure. i appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback you can give.
thank you for your time: D

one more thing...i have seen my poetry used and i must say that i don't mind at all. i only ask two things...first that i am notified of its use and second that i am given credit for writing it. these are my words...please don't abuse them.

Vi Lanflagle's Works:

none but i'm still hoping.... Updates


Crystal tears
Flowing, falling
To the ground.

Emerald eyes
Hold a silent cry
for help.

Porcelain skin
Tear tracks down her cheeks.

Beauty beyond imagining
The world can't know
The underlying burden.

(November 9,2006)

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