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Rookie (november 14,1967 / oklahoma)

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I have been writing poetry since 1993, I have around 530 poems on Whatever comes into my mind I write. I have two Young adult science fiction books and one ghost story called Haunted Dock The Fisherman's Son published and each one has chapters were I have my poems inside. Poetry has always been number 1 to me. Poetry is a form of a short idea or expression for something bigger and better. I am very proud of my goals and dreams. I have to prove to myself every day that I have came along way from the poor and abusive life and the discouragement of my dad. I believe that everyone is creative and some takes a while before they realize...hey, that's what I'm suppose to be. I was 24 years old and had three kids before I finally realized I wanted and should be a writer. I have five kids that are now adults and I'm a happy Grandmama. Oh yeah, I paint pictures and they can be viewed on vickyr.myspace and my books are on and Or you could type my name in the search engine.

vicky Lynn Ring's Works:

Who's There? Miss Ira and the Creepy Eye
Who's There Miss Ira's Back!
Haunted Dock The Fisherman's Son

These books are series
They can be found at Xlibris. Com and Updates

Night Terrors

The light that shines in my eyes has seen the darkness long ago,
Something so frightening it has to be told
Childhood memories unfold.
In my mind is the right time to get it all out
Speaking of its evil makes me want to shout.
If you don't believe in spirits or Heaven and Hell?
Think again from what I'm about to tell...
Demons feed on negative and destruction
They're the greeders of the darkness in the night

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