Victor A. Cos

Rookie (June 16 1991)

Biography of Victor A. Cos

I became a writer becuase of my Grandfather
Getulio P. Cos (R.I.P 2003) I have been writing for about 1 year now. My grandpa was a very romantic man.
My father said I am as talented as my grandfather once was. When ever I write a poem I take the time to think what am I going to write about and why. I dont just write poems whenever i want to. Rather it comes from my heart or a song sings in my heart then here comes a poem. I write about Romance, Love, Divinity (About God) Memories, Child hood times, Relationships, and alot of other things. Send me a measege I would like to meet other poets and begginners. Godbless you all and have a great day! =] -Victor.

P.S. I have new poems submitted today. I will return soon again to post up more. - Victor 6/6/09

By the way i have deleted all of my poems for a reason. I will be back a while with them. I have to re-Edit Them and work on them.

Victor A. Cos's Works:

I havent published any yet.

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