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I am an aspiring writer. Within the past two years my writing has evolved drastically and I am hoping for more changes in the near future to allow me to develop my own unique style of writing. If you enjoy it please share with me why! If you didn't please give me the reasons as well. The key word here is that I am an (aspiriing) writer, so no it's not perfect, yes that probably was a typo, and no I'm not quiting because on piece sucked! Anyways if theres anything you'd like to know about me please don't hesitate to ask! Updates

An Easier Way

Lay awake and listen to nothing
What a loud silence it’s like I can’t hear
Hard breath soaking up regret
The cool air doesn’t bring relief
The cool feeling of hatred doesn’t feel reducing
Lips closed and dried where they meet
Eyes stare up close to the ceiling
It’s the realizing you were wrong
It’s the reality of your fate

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