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41. Ashley 1/24/2006
42. This Time... 1/24/2006
43. Missed Lesson 1/24/2006
44. Lost Ourselves 1/24/2006
45. Your Time 1/24/2006
46. Some Type Of Calling 1/27/2006
47. What I Will Remember 1/28/2006
48. An Escape 1/30/2006
49. We Women 1/31/2006
50. Let's 1/24/2006
51. We Were Bound To End 1/24/2006
52. Throw It Away 1/24/2006
53. Owning The World 2/2/2006
54. Trying To Accept 2/2/2006
55. Free? 1/24/2006
56. Just Ash 1/24/2006
57. Let This One Poem Be About Me 1/24/2006
58. Misunderstood 1/24/2006
59. To Just Be 1/24/2006
60. If I Gave Up 1/24/2006
61. Certain 1/24/2006
62. How I Know 1/24/2006
63. Dying 1/24/2006
64. Waiting 1/24/2006
65. Chris My Fish 1/24/2006
66. How To End It 1/24/2006
67. The Topic 1/24/2006
68. She Is... 1/24/2006
69. In A Crash 1/24/2006
70. Bloody Paper Dolls 1/24/2006
71. Bloody Winter 1/24/2006
72. Heart Lying In Defeat 1/24/2006
73. Creating Me 1/24/2006
74. End Of The World 1/24/2006
75. The Girl 1/24/2006
76. The Sweetest Words 1/24/2006
77. She 1/24/2006
78. Looking Back 1/24/2006
79. We Work 1/24/2006
80. Questions 1/24/2006

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  • Michael Gomez (1/31/2008 9:26:00 AM)

    i was wondering what got you into writting poems? i've only read oneof your's but i thought it was cool. i would really apperciate it if you e mailed me at so we could get in contact. i have a story to tell you if your intrested.

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Best Poem of victoria martinez

Never Sorry

I’m sorry,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve cried
I’m sorry for every single lie
I’m sorry I was never enough
I’m sorry I just wasn’t tough
Sorry I couldn’t make you smile
Sorry I didn’t make you stay a while
Sorry it was nothing more than sex
I’m sorry I have to call you my ex
I’m sorry you broke my heart
I’m sorry I tore you apart
I’m sorry we can’t get along
I’m sorry, I cry to every song
I’m sorry I hide when you come around
Sorry I hang my head, eyes always on the ground
Sorry we couldn’t make it
Sorry I just couldn’t take it
Sorry we ...

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I Have...

I have a head full of memories
And a heart full of pain
I have eyes that have seen too much
And ears that heard so much
I have a mind that wants to give up
And a body that’s so tired
I have a world that’s collapsing
And a soul that can go no higher
I have a life that was never perfect

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