Vidi Wija

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Biography of Vidi Wija

Vidi Wija poet

His name is Vidi Wija, not the real one. Actually, the real name is Vidi Irawan Wijaya, a male who was born in Jambi, a small city in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. He is the oldest brother of three.

Now, he lives in Jakarta, Indonesia studying in Bina Nusantara University majoring English Department and soon is going to get his first bachelor degree. His hobbies are ice-skating, travelling, writing, hanging out, bicycling, drawing, etc. He speaks Indonesian and English well, also a bit Chinese.

He also writes many kinds of poems, such as Free-Verse, Blank-Verse, and End-Rhyme poems. He often writes Escapism, Narrative, and Imaginative poems of his life and experiences.

'one who lives with every colour to be seen with different points of view, the voices and sounds to be listened with mixed melody of life, and the love and the care'

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Wishing Hopes

Birthday is a present of being lived
Time when you were blown to be loved
Breath air of seeing emotion
Moving smile of the eyes to feel passion

Birthday as thankfulness moment of life
O.. wish and hope and praising life
Fate gave cheerful soul to hug love
The adorer flew life like a white dove

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