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I write poems to get pleased that my feelings are out on paper.After going through this site for sometime, i felt to post some of mine and watch the response. oops.... Hope it will work fine.

Writing my experiences to the outside world is not to get the fame but to make it known as to how differently or similarly all of us feel in this amazing, wonderful LIFE. If my poems inspire any that will be the gift to me, from this 'LIFE'.

To write the true experiences of one's life, one needs sincerity. Also there is a doubt in many minds 'why to', 'how to', 'what to', 'where to'express. I have found the reasons for most of those questions and thats why i want to share my writings with all.

I am into software development where time is very precious thing to spare for my literary work. But i will not give up the hope to create my own time and space to write. Updates


With my baggage and courage I had set out for a trek
To those mountains land about which I had read in book
Lot of preparation and dream were part of the program
It was a journey away from home to feel the curriculum.

Poet had described this land of mountains as paradise
Where you will taste the nectar in every step you place
He said ‘the one who visited this land is fully sanctified’
For this bless is what I wanted everything to be sacrificed.

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