Vidushi Khera

Rookie (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Biography of Vidushi Khera

(A Little About My Poetry And My Style Of Writing)


Having started off over a decade ago as a hobby, my poetry has evolved in the way Robert Frost describes it... 'begins in delight and end in wisdom'. Over the years, my style has grown with me... from childlike innocence, to teenage anguish, from early adulthood self discovery to more mature thoughts and a deeper understanding of the workings of the world.

I prefer rhyme and meter to be an inherent part of poetry and generally write with a solid rhyme scheme and a decent meter (harder to follow) . However, I do believe that all a good poem needs is good context, subtext and flow. Non-rhyming poetry too can be excellent and I say that from not just reading a lot of contemporary poetry but also having written some, despite my discomfort with the style.

Vidushi Khera's Works:

None, one Poem published in an anthology by Updates

No Joke

I’m a secret no one knows
And a lot of times t shows
When you don’t really know
What you’re laughing at
Am I a joke?

I’m a secret waiting to be told
But no one’s really that bold
To let the world know
I’m not a joke!

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