Vidya Pandarinath

Vidya Pandarinath Quotes

  • ''Living Life is Paradigm, Living it the way you want is Polymath..!''
    Leading Life by using our knowledge gained through experience, academic is the best way to set an example of Living Life fully Being Alive
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  • ''Truth is knowledge, knowledge is Divinity, the utmost
    path of self-confidence, self-aggrandizement ;
    Really a Lifetime asset, None can steal , our self-worth and self-reliance.''
    Education is our true attribute , Materialistic things are for the time being, knowledge is the actual characteristic quality.
  • ''Luck is not defined..its Only Our Moment to Moment Perceptions..for achieving our desires..!''
    Good Luck
  • ''Friendship is a bond of solidarity
    Without any ego and Predicament''
  • ''' Friendship is the bond of Endurance
    Furnished by trust and benevolence
    Embellished with strength, integrity and confidence
    Enlightening our life with Faith, Love and Reason '''

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Living Hypocrisy

Like the beam of light
Peeping across the silver -lining cloud,
Sweet happenings escape the shroud
OF sad - grey plight - -
The mass of sorrows and numb pain
Which try to tease out of suppressed strain;
Least believed is the fact
That it is a passing, deceptive lead
With changing shapes and a wanton mead

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