Viggo Stuckenberg

Viggo Stuckenberg Poems

241. Bækken 6/25/2012
242. Bajazet 6/25/2012
243. Bekendelse 6/25/2012
244. Aften 6/25/2012
245. Ak, Hvad Er Det Hele 6/25/2012
246. April 1885 6/25/2012
247. Aprilgrøde 6/25/2012
248. Assistents Kirkegaard 6/25/2012
249. Angst 6/25/2012
250. April 6/25/2012
251. August 6/25/2012
252. Aarhundredskifte 6/26/2012
253. Aa, Jeg Bærer Himmelrummet 6/26/2012
254. Aaliv 6/26/2012
255. Augustaften 6/25/2012
256. April [min Egen Lille Kær-Søster] 6/25/2012
257. Aldrig Glemmer Jeg 6/25/2012
258. Aften I Luxembourg-Haven 6/25/2012
259. Aftensol 6/25/2012
260. Bethlehemsstjærnen 6/25/2012
261. Augustnat 6/25/2012
262. Asters 6/25/2012
263. Barn, Du Er Mig Som Den Store Skov 6/25/2012
264. Ingeborg 4/21/2010
265. Ak, Florenz, Florenz, Alle Dine Kampe! 6/25/2012
266. Snow 1/1/2004
267. Autumn Evening 1/1/2004

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  • Shaun Stuckenberg (9/21/2005 12:30:00 AM)

    my name is shaun stuckenberg and i believe im am related to i do not know but we do have the same last name and my parents tell me im from a germen/danish decent..can anyone help me out in finding if im related to him?

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Best Poem of Viggo Stuckenberg


Unfolding in all of the furrows
that lined and burst open my mind,
all kinds of beautiful fl owers
at summer’s most gentle wind.
For two who love one another
can torture each other far worse
than all enemies put together
can wreak vengeance over the earth
And two who love one another
can heal wounds beyond all repair
just if they look at each other
and smooth down each other’s hair.

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It is a long way, a long way away in the land where all the Fairy Tales happen.

Out on a flat, snowcovered, endless barren field squats a tumbledown hut, and in the hut's only room sits a bent old man breathing on the ice on the windowpane. He is staring out over the lonely snow-plain which is empty, cold and trackless, while and sterile all the way to the frost-blue clouds on the horizon. The old man's breath spreads like thin steam over the pane, and freezes. The frost creaks in the woodw