Vikas Tripathi

Biography of Vikas Tripathi

Vikas Tripathi's Contribution to Rural Society is highly appreciated. He is a highly appreciated Social Volunteer & Writer in India. He is a leading Entrepreneur, Writer & Social Activist of India. He was born on August 26,1993 in a middle class family of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was a Journalist & mother was a homemaker.

Before his 20s, he has been awarded by his District Magistrate Mr. MANI PRASAD MISHRA, Lt. Gen. SHRI PRAKASH MANI TRIPATHI, Cabinet Minister Mr. DURGA PRASAD MISHRA, Sr. Scientist Dr. AK TANGARI, And by several Schools & Teachers. He has successfully organized many types of Rural Empowerment Events, for which he has been widely appreciated.

He has been in all leading newspapers because of his extra deeds for society. He has presented his Technical Paper in ALL INDIA TECHNICAL PAPER PRESENTATION - 2012 and had good science critic appreciation. He has been selected as President to his college activity club - CLUB GENESIS. He has written many poems & articles which has been widely published by all top websites. He has been nominated as DISTINGUISHED POET by Poetry.Com in 2012.

Poetry has always been in his soul, Writing Articles on many social & International issues has been in his hobbies. He is a fun-loving dreamer who want to help others by open heart. In his poetry, he writes about love, friendship and student-life mainly. He dream is to make a network of schools & colleges throughout INDIA so that every student can attain good quality education at normal fee.

He is a good author also who dream to become India's most awarded and appreciated novelist. In his interviews, he discuss his dreams with others and motivate youngsters to join his vision. He has always been an inspiration to rural area's youngsters who dare to dream big and go beyond limits to fulfill it. He has a keen interest in self-help seminars and books. He is a great fan of Shiv Khera, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho etc. Chetan Bhagat has been his Inspiration from childhood. His words, his pattern, his punches excites him. Updates

My Brother

He is lovely but so naughty,
He thinks that it's good to be bad;
He is my only blessed brother,
He is some crazy and some mad.

He shows that he is angry,
All the time, on me, on everything;
I know, he loves me a lot,
But never want to show that thing.

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