Vikram G. Aarella

Biography of Vikram G. Aarella

I am from Kolar Gold Fields, a small city situated deep in the heart of South India. I started writing poems for fun and some of my poems were very popular in my college. Some situations or things make me write a poem, though not always a good one. I will appreciate your comments and advise. Take a minute to rate them, so that I can get an idea about how good or bad my poems are. Be honest in criticism.
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© All rights reserved for the poems written under my name.

Vikram G. Aarella's Works:

'Oriental Views' - A collection of Poetry. Updates

The Hostel Mess

The dirtiest thing in the campus
For which it is very famous,
It smells like a fish market
Making it easy to locate.

For bacteria, virus and parasite
this place is a breeding site.
After visiting here, if you don't brush your teeth,
Fungus will grow on it, in the form of a sheath.

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