Vikram G. Aarella Poems

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I Am A Hindu

I am a Hindu
And proud to be one
Combining the forces of nature
Hinduism is a way of life, rather than religion.

The Biggest Sin

If you think you are clean
Can overcome your karma, prevail and win,
You are mistaken my friend,
Being born as a human itself is the biggest sin.

Ashoka – The Great

He was young, handsome, and strong
Powerful, ambitious and aggressive,
He fought and won many battles
He was always on the offensive.

00 - Come Back Home, Soldier

Come back home soldier
Throw your gun away,
Your child is waiting for you
Bring her some toys to play.

Her Mesmerising Smile

I couldn’t sleep whole night
Something with my heart was not right
It haunted me all the while
It’s her mesmerising smile.

The Split Second

In that crucial split second
So many people’s destinies rewritten,
So many lives have changed
So many things forgotten.

Heart In Kolar

My ambition has no bounds,
I earn in dollars and pounds
In life, I have come too far
But, my heart is still in Kolar.

Vanished Love

My dreams are shattered
My hopes are diminished
My heart has been battered
And love has vanished.

Condition Of My Broken Heart

Can someone soothe my broken heart
its in a miserable condition,
fate has hit me hard
where it hurts the most,

I Remember The Day, Dad

I remember the day dad,
When you chased me around, to get me to hospital
For the treatment of fever which I had.