Vikram G. Aarella

Vikram G. Aarella Poems

121. 00 - The Vijayanagar Empire 4/20/2006
122. Its Kannada, Not Canada 4/21/2006
123. Return Of Count Dracula 6/1/2006
124. Buddha – The Enlightened 7/23/2006
125. Daffodils, The 5/14/2006
126. The Solar Eclipse 4/19/2006
127. Blew My Worries Away. 7/14/2006
128. The King Cobra 5/7/2006
129. Canadian Girl 6/30/2006
130. Bleeding Heart 8/2/2009
131. Without Her 5/1/2006
132. Bangalored 5/4/2006
133. Gandhi – The Mahatma 6/23/2006
134. 00 - My Mother 5/14/2006
135. She's Married 5/1/2006
Best Poem of Vikram G. Aarella

She's Married

The girl with dark and beautiful hair,
Her eyes are lovely and her skin fair.
She is like a full bloomed flower
With beauty, I can’t bear

I want to be her lover,
I will die for her, I swear.
But alas, my friend, my dear
She's married and it’s her husband that I fear.

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The Solar Eclipse

Was it night in day? ,
When nature has its say
Everyone ought to obey
It has to be that way.

Fear gripped the world
As moon moved forward,
Cutting through the sun like a sword
Giving the mighty star no regard.

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