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Aubrey Lunn 03 June 2020

His poems are out of this world! His poems are mostly abstract in nature. He uses a lot of rhyming couplets; sadly I have not read any of his articles or books. My fault! ! ! On this very page is one of his best poems: All You Who Sleep Tonight. Merely, two verses, which brings out his in-depth thought processes! ! ! !

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Aubrey Lunn 03 June 2020

Very sad that I can't find his Poem: Homeless.

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SADIYABANU 06 January 2020

Vikram seth

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hitanshi 16 February 2019

plz can u provide me summary of poem" the mouse and the snake"

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Garima 21 October 2018

Explanation of the mouse and the snake

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paras 22 July 2018

good poems superb

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Purab 03 January 2018

What a wonderful poem made by vikram seth

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Anne S McDowell 14 December 2017

Poems I wrote

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Sam Mohammed 03 June 2015

Vikram deserve a place in top 10

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Vartika Raj 07 June 2013

most diligent and versatile poet of the century. I not only admire his poems, i feel the love the poet inside as well. Wish I could just meet him once. But the desire to desire the desired is usually undesirable

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Vineet Chhikara 27 May 2013

poem lovers... check out my poems...

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Smita John 14 February 2013


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Andrew Ross 06 July 2012

He is a great poet and I am a great fan of his poems. Thank You. http: //

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Charme Robarts 30 June 2012

how true this poem is.

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Sayeed Abubakar 30 May 2012

Dear poet, I translated some of your poems in Bangla and were published in Bangla Newspaper here. My e-mail is:

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Moushumi moushumi 26 November 2008

I'm desperately waiting to see that Vikram Seth takes part in Poem Hunter at least to teach something about poetry writing to me. I'm truly stirred by his works.

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I really loved Vikram Seth, s poetry, i am looking forward to read some of his biooks.

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Ankan Kazi 09 May 2006

Vikram Seth is one of the best poets in India now. Simply beautiful.

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