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I enjoy long walks on the beach, picnics in the afternoon and I am a libra, Ok I am Seriously just kidding. I was born in the Phillipines but raised in the states. I was a army brat so traveled around quite a bit as a kid. Personal stuff about me, I was into acting in my early years, I love museums especially the Salvador Dali Museum, The Metropolitan museum of art in Ny, Wyland Gallery, etc. Love to travel preferably anywhere with a tiki bar. I am movie/tv fanatic, so much that I actually think in television, just fuhgeddabout it. I love theme parks, pretty places, going to concerts, and I love to write. I have a few things published but am just a amateur with a hobby. My pipe dream would be to write a book or a movie one day. Thanks for reading my stuff! ! ! Updates

I Take Your Love With Me

I take your love with me, my bed at night
I hold on to it closely, till the morning's early light
I put my make up on, and set your love on the sink
As I stir my coffee and begin to drink
I am out the door, and set your love on the seat
As I get out of the car, I'll take you with me down the street.
As long as your with me, I will always be complete,
I will just take your love with me until again we meet,

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