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Vince Rogers was raised in Atlanta's infamous Bowen Homes housing projects. After graduating with distinction from Frederick Douglass High School, he went on to attend prestigious Morehouse College on an academic scholarship. He has been active in community development and economic empowerment organizations for over twenty years. He is also an accomplished economist, specializing in urban development and international economics.

As a child he attended historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. He was baptized by the honorable Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. - “Daddy King'. He was highly influenced by the spiritual, cultural and social teachings of the church. Those ideals have inspired him to work to make the world a better place to live.

He is an internationally published writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, feature articles, film criticism and scholarly papers. His works were among the Official Inaugural Selections of 'I've Known Rivers' the Museum of the African Diaspora story project. He was the TimBookTu Featured Writer for December of 2006. His scholarly paper The Evolution of Shawntae Harris was presented at Vanderbilt University’s 'Smoke, Lilies & Jade' Lecture Series during the Hip Hop's Defiant Divas Conference.

He has also contributed to: Clean Sheets Magazine; On The Black Burner; Taj Mahal Review (India) Chicken Bones: A Journal; Thereby Hangs a Tale; Catalyst Magazine; Book Club News; Southern Screen Report; Pulp Magazine(Canada) Nghosi Books: Longing Lust and Love Anthology; 3 Lights Gallery(United Kingdom) Black Arts Quarterly (Stanford University) Amistad Journal (Howard University)

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Vince Rogers's Works:

Wax Vainglorious: the Collected Works of li’l boy and Josephine’s baby boy Volume 1; Envisioned by Vince Vanguard Vainglorious

Published by Vainglorious Press
September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-615-25689-4

A collection of literary works that seek to elevate the conversation about Black life throughout the Diaspora, while also being entertaining, energizing and enlightening to everyone within the reach of my pen. Updates

What The Hegel? ? ? ?

I’m trying to shake my Malthusian blues

So I vow to Proudhon to the end

I know I Goethe keep my stuff together

So I’m trying not to put Descartes before the horse

It’s Sartre like my Dada used to say