Vincent St. Clare

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Biography of Vincent St. Clare

I’m a part-time, professional asshole; irresponsible eremite; half-baked mystagogue; and catatonic amateur philosopher. I’ve got a heart on fire and a head screwed on backwards. I am an attempt at the everyman, philosophus and Fool, a lover of fate, strung by my toes, a boiler room hierophant, and world on wheels. I am an ever-transforming universalist and perennialist seeking the interpenetration of the mundane and mystical. I try my hand at humility in the midst of self-promotion. I devote myself to the wind, neither coming nor going. That’s all there is at the end of the day.

Vincent St. Clare's Works:

Easy Noumenon: Early Poems (ISBN-13: 9781370515691) Updates

Moment And Memory

I like long walks on the beach,
Total enlightenment,
Licorice, and whisky
I am one with the universe
In tossing the old bocce ball
Through the long stretch of crab grass
Knocked the kingpin off its hinges
The horse shoe head landing in the dirt
A sign of the times, reducing earth and god

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