Vini Carberry

Vini Carberry Poems

1. For My Only 7/18/2006
2. My Final Goodbye 7/18/2006
3. Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned 7/18/2006
4. Why? 7/23/2006
5. For My Last Friend 7/27/2006
6. Another Love Poem 7/27/2006
7. For S.O.S 7/27/2006
8. Life Doesn'T Last Forever 7/27/2006
9. I'D Die For You 7/30/2006
10. Is It Mean'T To Be This Hard? 7/30/2006
11. Please, Just Leave Me Alone 7/31/2006
12. Say Goodbye Too Your Life 8/6/2006
13. The End Comes Tonight 8/14/2006
14. 'Til Death Do Us Part' 8/15/2006
15. I Miss You 9/1/2006
16. Whats The Point? 9/3/2006
17. Without Saying Goodbye 9/9/2006
18. Let Me Help 9/14/2006
19. Justice Dies 9/14/2006
20. Warning Of Romance (& Trouble) 10/1/2006
21. Because I Cared 11/15/2006
22. Bolt Locked Door 12/16/2006
23. Ashes To Ashes (For Ashleigh) 12/16/2006
24. My Last Tomorrow 12/16/2006
25. No One 12/16/2006
26. To Be So Sad, But Yet So In Love 1/1/2007
27. The Final One. Goodbye My Love 3/18/2007
28. You Look At Me, I Look At You. 8/15/2006
Best Poem of Vini Carberry

You Look At Me, I Look At You.

You look at me, I look at you.
We stare like we always do
But it's not like it use to be
I look at you, You look at me.
Somethings different, it feels strange
We loved eachother but feelings change
All Love is gone. Only hate remains
Two hearts broken by a deadly game
Now you turn and walk away
I whisper for you to stay
But you keep on going
Im yelling, but the distance keeps growing
Now I hit my knees
And I sware you can hear my pleas
But you get faster, you start to run
Then I realise. You, Me, Us, It's done.
And it's never going to be the ...

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For My Last Friend

I sit here, knife in hand,
Due to the pain I don't understand.
I run it over my bare skin,
I'm not going to heaven, I'll pay for this sin,
Im going to end all my pain,
My entire life now in vain,
It will hurt, I will bleed,
Now true freedom be my only need,
I will end all my dreams, every last one,

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