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Biography of Vinita Agrawal

Author of Words Not Spoken(Brown Critique/Sampark) and The Longest Pleasure (Finishing Line Press, USA) and The Silk Of Hunger (AuthorsPress, Delhi) , Vinita is a Mumbai based, award winning poet. She is Senior Editor for the women based website a website dedicated to women facing domestic abuse. Recipient of the Gayatri GaMarsh Memorial Award USA,2015, Raedleafpoetry award, Wordweavers award, All India Poetry award, Hour Of Writes Award, her poems have appeared in Asiancha, Constellations, The Fox Chase Review, Pea River Journal, Mithila Review, Open Road Review, Stockholm Literary Review, Poetry Pacific, Mascara Literary Review, and other national and international journals. Her poems have been anthologized in compilations from Australia and Israel. She was co judge for the AsianCha poetry contest 2015. She has read at SAARC events in Delhi and Agra at the U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad, at Delhi for Delhi Poetree, at Mumbai for Cappucino Readings and for the Maharashtra state literary body. She can be reached at

Vinita Agrawal's Works:

Words Not Spoken
The Longest Pleasure
The Silk Of Hunger Updates



On this,
the longest night of the year,
the earth is sunk in its never ending shadow.

I clear the bed
of the debris of my body.

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