Vinita Sahu

Freshman - 928 Points [Vinita Sahu]

Vinita Sahu Poems

1. Silence Is When........ 9/11/2015
2. The Eternal Journey Of The Soul 9/19/2015
3. Whose Footsteps Are Those? 9/19/2015
4. The Seed Fell On Dry Earth 9/20/2015
5. Someone Told 10/3/2015
6. My Restless Little Nephew 10/11/2015
7. The Mysticism Of Life 10/18/2015
8. The Shadow In The Corridor 10/30/2015
9. The Earth's Timeline 10/30/2015
10. The Desolate Leaf 11/6/2015
11. The Captive Bird 11/14/2015
12. Glimpses Of Departed Souls 11/24/2015
13. Chiselled Diamond 12/2/2015
14. Blissful Amiss 1/10/2016
15. The Strain Of Truth 2/2/2016
16. She Lurked In Between 4/23/2016
17. After Thirty Years 5/17/2016
18. The Final Bid 7/18/2016
19. The Morning Star 9/21/2016
20. The Wilderness 1/22/2017
Best Poem of Vinita Sahu

The Eternal Journey Of The Soul

The soul left yet another body,
To journey  across,
To an unknown abode,
Faster than light,
Against all might,
It raced through,
The space quite tight,
To create yet another life.

What it took,
What it shook,
Akin to a flowing brook,
Meandered along the way,
To give in someday,
To the universal sway.

But the womb it enters,
The womb that shelters,
The folk now it owns,
Rejoices gaily as drones,
While the earlier ones,
Still heavily moans.

The journey  begins,
On the extended slate,
Though a new ...

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Someone Told

  Someone told me to change,
     And extend my horizon,
  To a newer range,
     But the expanse of my thought,
  Has so far crystallised,
     With what I have brought,
  From my previous life,
     Or I have gained all that,
   Through my present strife.

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