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Vinita Sahu Poems

1. Whose Footsteps Are Those? 9/19/2015
2. The Seed Fell On Dry Earth 9/20/2015
3. Chiselled Diamond 12/2/2015
4. She Lurked In Between 4/23/2016
5. The Final Bid 7/18/2016
6. Blissful Amiss 1/10/2016
7. The Strain Of Truth 2/2/2016
8. My Restless Little Nephew 10/11/2015
9. The Eternal Journey Of The Soul 9/19/2015
10. The Shadow In The Corridor 10/30/2015
11. The Earth's Timeline 10/30/2015
12. The Desolate Leaf 11/6/2015
13. The Captive Bird 11/14/2015
14. Glimpses Of Departed Souls 11/24/2015
15. The Morning Star 9/21/2016
16. After Thirty Years 5/17/2016
17. The Mysticism Of Life 10/18/2015
18. Someone Told 10/3/2015
19. Silence Is When........ 9/11/2015
20. Maami 12/14/2017
21. The Wilderness 1/22/2017

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The Wilderness


Oh! My cottage facing the tranquil lake,
That spread as far as my eyes can take,
Its greenish emerald placid depth,
Sets down anguish seething in my breath.

Gurgling water breaking on the shingled shore,
Nostalgiates me with sketches, my heart fondly bore,
The soft rustling leaves of the wilderness around,
Balms the bruises that hurt my soul profound.

As I walk all along the sprawling sandy beach,
Surfing water caresses the toes of my weary feet,
My inner self then wonders into the past land,
Where my mother fed ...

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The Mysticism Of Life

Life is a mystical game,
Racing through a time frame,
Where human fall again and again,
To rise up again to attain.

                 Fluttering, struggling, pounding
                 And pulsating,
                 Moving forward one tries to sustain,
                 Yet the paws of destiny,

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