Vinod Kumar

Rookie (kannur-kerala-India)

Biography of Vinod Kumar

I cried first to sow the wonder world in kerala a southern province of Union of India ancient name is BHARATHA the place of blessed several saints and civilisations, We welcommed all thoughts without any hesitation, all the major religions are mincled here in the beautiful land,

Writing is the main object of to show our views and visions, Our first ancient poet Vatmeeki Maharshi wrote his first lines by inspired from the birds, and it si a warning against killing a bird by a forest man, the lines are Maa Nishada... means Dont do devil to kill one of the beauty twin birds... Now it is continuing till now and thousands of poets are repeating to the society Don`t do crual.....

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Vinod Kumar's Works:

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</>The grass flowers smell
That was amazing

I can`t stay in Hole
I Dragged

The Rock grass bed
The Breeze and Cool

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