Violet Llewellyn

Rookie (July 25,1992 / Outer Space)

Biography of Violet Llewellyn

If you're wondering where I went, check here: http: //

I suppose I should say something about myself, but that's not one of my strong points, so I'll make a list:

Pseudonym: Violet Llewellyn
Age: 15
DOB: 7/25/92
Religious Preference: Pagan
Official Titles: Shodan (Sensei)
Passion: Dancing (Ballet)
Obsessions: Scrabble and Writing

I have written one novel (I Never Said I Was Perfect) and am working on another (By Anything but the Moon) . They are not published, but have a website at http: //

I also have a blog, http: // Updates

Ballerina (For Anne)

A spinning top
Leaping across the floor
Coming down with a flourish
No one knows she's sore

The ballerina flies
Acting without a care
Impressing the audience so greatly
All they can do is stare

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