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Bilingual i am, proud of it? yes. my parents are in the army and i find myself regularily thrown from side to side of Canada. Lost friends, far away lover (washington dc) . i discovered poetry when i was 11 years old, because i was beggining to finally be happy, everything i loved was taken away from me. Parents and sisters i have, but nothing hurt me more than loosing my one and only love. we meet again and now i discover that we are even further from each sucks. all i can say.Forbidden thoughts i have gotten. Horrible nightmares haunt me. My soul sister is an awesome girl, and she and i are like yin yan twins. she draws and i write. we support each other like sisters although this year i find myself in this hole(alberta) and she is in ontario. Trees i miss(well, the green, tall and healthy ones) hiking in the forest and seeing waterfalls and hearing the wispering of wind in the trees i miss. Nature is what got me into this. The beauty of people and love is what i long for. intelligent i am, only 14 also. i am an old soul, and poetry is my dedication. Updates

Love And Thunder

The sky falls,
War to me seems endless.
To the heavens my lover calls,
But no angels like the sameness.

Crackling surrounds me,
Lost in a forest of green.
His eyes are what i long, what i see,
His deep voice; memories i have seen.

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