vishal angel sharma

Biography of vishal angel sharma

Vishal is sensitive, yet practical and grounded. His witty sense of humour makes every conversation and interview interesting. And above all, his sweet and humble nature makes him extremely adorable.Vishal Angel’s BiographyVishal Angel was born on august 18,1995. Vishalangel, an ordinary guy who dreams, works, and lives extra ordinarily. Very down to earth- a Shinning star, clear about his Values, a real Toper, an inspiration to the people who know himwell, full of Positivity. You can even call him- " Theking of Positivity" .He believes in one thing which is above status, money, career everything and that is values and understanding of lifend emotions nd feeling of peoples. He just know how to enjoy each day each moment of his life from heart. He loves to read motivational books and " Sir Bruce Lee" is like GOD to him. Sir Bruce Lee's deeds, values, principles, passion for life inspires him a lot.“ i always cried nd my eyes always bling i dnt have crown on my head but still iam a king” a poem wrote by him which haved him a new namend thiking, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , he is nt popular bt still use to dream without money. Updates


It is pretty emotional and some what makes you grow as a person when you are a part of a person'sstruggle where there is only hope and hardwork to make the future bright.Fame is just a one night story, the real struggle is the pathway.Earningyour bread is the most honoured thing you can do it for yourself.Pity on those who really don't go through t

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