Vishal Sharma

Gold Star - 5,400 Points [Vishal Sharma] (India)

Vishal Sharma Poems

361. Aurangzeb 5/17/2013
362. Zambia 5/22/2013
363. Solitary Reaper Version 2.0 5/19/2013
364. Blue Fire 5/20/2014
365. The Siren's Song 5/11/2014
366. Asylum-Freezing Creepy State 2/27/2014
367. Ocean Breeze 5/21/2014
368. The Pink And Orange Hues Of Evening Sky 6/8/2014
369. A Million Kisses For One Lips (French Version) 9/25/2013
370. Grandma, Where Is My Father? 5/26/2013
371. Hydrocarbon 6/28/2013
372. Logical Reasoning 5/20/2013
373. Hair Hair Everywhere 9/22/2013
374. Today I Sit Down To Write Poems, Again 5/2/2013
375. The Chaos 9/15/2013
376. Almighty 10/4/2013
377. Lonely Sun 2/13/2014
378. New Age 11/26/2013
379. Don'T Want To Be Your Romeo Because You'Re No Goddamn Juliet 10/15/2013
380. Where Are You, My Beauty 9/28/2013
381. Your Eyes-The Eighth Ocean, (Part 2) 9/9/2013
382. War And Water 5/13/2013
383. Big Loaf Of Love 5/17/2013
384. A Girl Named Pain 5/14/2013
385. Verse 5/20/2013
386. Skull 3 5/26/2013
387. Skull 2 5/26/2013
388. Saw 6/2/2013
389. My Father 8/23/2013
390. Lines Between Words 8/22/2013
391. A Hungry Stone Engulfing The Whole City 8/22/2013
392. Who! But You 8/11/2013
393. Wishes 6/2/2013
394. She Is 8/18/2013
395. An Autumn 8/18/2013
396. Retreat 6/25/2013
397. Satire 6/28/2013
398. Remorse 6/29/2013
399. Heartbeat 6/29/2013
400. Pain 6/30/2013

Comments about Vishal Sharma

  • Pradip Chattopadhyay (6/11/2013 5:42:00 AM)

    An amazing poet at a tender age. I love his daring poems, the spontaneity of his words.

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  • ~ Jenie~ (6/2/2013 9:40:00 AM)

    o my vishal
    you are so talented
    i am moved by your poems
    i certainly love all of them
    my god
    you are so raunchy

Best Poem of Vishal Sharma

Chemical Bonding

Do you know the electrovalent and covalent bond?
they are a far different from the fictious james bond
they play a major role in providing the existance to the molecules
and simpily follow the basic rule of drawing the structures
they are deeply drawn into my soul of learning chemistry
the lewis structure and the octet rule are simple to follow
they give us the insight to peep through the world of chemicals
and we simpily denote them with clear cut diagrams
afterwards, there comes hybridisation and dipole moment
so beautifully written to grasp all the contents

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Religion, Why?

the ultimate survivors on this green garden, to my God
they who survive tend to conquer this whole patch
vast green lush spreading here and here, who has provided this?
to my God, to my religion, I am asking again against them
what is religion? all are same, every man is equal
all are created by the unbiased hands of this powerful soul
but, we the humans, differentiated the humans-causing disparities
riots are the result of the difference between the mortal piece
humans are killing them

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